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A state-of-the-art virtual reality experience with 100% immersion in training, products and solutions.

A space to work, learn, meet, and train from anywhere in the world in an exciting immersive environment.

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Bringing you a rich set of experiences.

Conference and Game Room

Host events and conferences. Collaborate in a real-time multi-player experience with voice communications.

A New Learning Platform

Collaborate in real-time with the virtual classroom.  Great for design sessions and looking under the hood at products.

New Product Introduction Platform

A place to come together to showcase, test and use prototypes. Make better decisions and get a real feel for your product line.

Server Rooms for Rack and Stack

NterOne’s proprietary virtual data center allows you to pick up, rack, and cable equipment just like you would in the real world.  ​

Unlimited Events

Attend Unlimited Monthly Live Immersive Technical Training Events.


Various Map Locations

Meet with a beach or mountain view in the board room. Showcase products in our grand hall or shoot space invaders with coworkers.

VR Benefits 

for Live Events.

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230%  Increase in performance compared to traditional training methods.

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Because there are no limits you get infinite redo’s​.

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High-stakes with no risks.​

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1:1 scale high-fidelity models look and act like the real thing.

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This exciting new experience combines collaboration with solutions you sell.

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Be fully immersed and engaged to maximise time with your customers and employees.

The ClearConnect Experience.

Join unlimited live public events.

Join ClearConnect hosted events on various topics, get access to a whole world of training and information.

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Subscription Levels.

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Join events and customize
your avatar.



Attend events you have been invited to.
Create and customize your personal avatar.
Interact with multi-vendor hardware (rack, cable, design).


Customize your avatar, join
and host events.


per month

Create and customize your personal avatar.
Enjoy different experiences in Single- and Multi-Player Mode.
Interact with multi-vendor hardware (rack, cable, design).
Host your own events and attend other events.
Host 1 event at a time.


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or 10% annual discount

If you need something more, contact us and we can work out an account plan that suits your organizations' needs.
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What our Customers say about us.

Our clients send us bunch of smiles with our services, and we love them.

"ClearConnect revolutionized our training capabilities and brought a fresh perspective to the Cisco landscape. We had a 230% retention rate when individuals utilized the application which in return created a 36% growth in our business model. ClearConnect is a major pillar of our success and our go to market strategy."

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Carissa Scholl

"ClearConnect is revolutionizing the way training is delivered in the IT Space, the possibilities are endless for the future with this platform."

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Saxton Barnes
TD Synnex

"I really enjoyed using the VR for the labs. Greatly improves the overall lab experience. The VR experience is a wonderful addition to performing the labs."

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Alan Roy
IT Consulting Group

"The VR element was excellent. I can see it growing in value over time as additional components and experiences are added."

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Andy Garland
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